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Why worry about human resources?
The number one reason is for you to avoid messy situations which have a direct impact on morale, productivity and team spirit. if you already are in that mess let us help you get out of chaos.
First of all, if you have organizational and human resources structure, your people will perform much better and more effectively. They know who to report to, what is expected of them, what should be done how in your business. Many workplace conflicts occur because of human resources issues. Some examples are as follows.

  • Ambiguous roles and responsibility
  • Not well known company policies and procedures
  • No proper evaluations
  • Low motivation

Many unhealthy conflicts and politics occur due to ambiguous roles and responsibilities. Power struggles, blaming others, those conflicts are counter productive and cause low job satisfaction and high employee turnover. Company policies and procedures help awareness of the ground rules of the company for both employers and employees. Proper evaluation systems with evaluation sheets clarify the career path and growth plan for individual employees and eventually lead to high motivation and job satisfaction.
By following proper human resources procedures you can avoid costly lawsuits. For example, you would like to terminate somebody because of poor performance. If there is no performance evaluation sheets, incident logs, or written warnings in their file (hopefully, you have employee files), there might be a cause for wrongful dismissal.